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Medical Devices Slewing Rings

Medical Devices Slewing Rings Our specially designed medical slewing rings (akas:turntable bearings) are furthered in high rotating speed, low noise (rotation controlled), rotating torque contented. It is suitable for the radiotherapy. There is specific testing room to analyze the impact of raceway, and gear data on noise level. As results we can modify our geometry in accordance with require noise level determined to meet our customer's requirements. There are also innovative sealing solutions to avoid any leakage in a clean environment for your need.

Turntable bearings are large bearings primarily designed to handle applications that feature axial, radial, and moment loads. Due to this functionality, the slewing ring bearings can be found in the following industries: medical, crane, nautical, military, forestry, material handling, aerospace, machine tools, surveillance, automotive, turntables, mining equipment, offshore platforms, offshore platforms, radar and satellite antennas, robotics and so on. In addition, according to the type of load, slew rings are available with 1 row of balls, 2 rows of balls and one row of rollers as well as there rows.

Customized Slewing Ring for Medical Devices
We offer slewing ring bearings in accordance with the client's requirements, no teeth type (non-geared), outer teeth type (external geared), inner teeth type (internal geared) are all available. And we are capable to customized medical devices slewing bearings and turntable bearing according to customers' drawings and requirements.

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