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Application of Slewing Bearing

Injection Molded Products

Application & Solution of Slewing Ring Bearings

Our slewing bearings are widely used in various application fields, such as excavators, cranes, rotary tables & positioners, wind turbine, ladle turret furnace, ferris wheel, water treatment, slewing drive, forest machine, medical devices, mining equipment, packaging machine, radar, satellite, robotics, transporter, solar power system, stacker, reclaimer and tunnel boring machine (TBM), etc.

Excavators Slewing Ring
Cranes Slewing Ring Bearings
Rotary Tables & Positioners

Slewing Bearings for Wind Turbines
Slewing Bearings for Ferris Wheels
Slewing Ring for Water Treatments

Slewing Drives
Slewing Bearings for Forest Machines
Slewing Bearings for Medical Devices

Slewing Ring for Mining Equipments
Slewing Bearings for Packaging Machines
Slewing Bearings for Radar & Satellite

Slewing Ring Bearings for Robotics
Solar Power Systems
Slewing Ring Bearings for (TBM)

Founded in 1993, ZZ is a professional manufacturer and supplier of slewing ring, slewing bearings and turntable bearing in China. Our brainchild the slewing ring bearing is the result of 22 years of groundwork. It exhibits outstanding load capacity and price superiority, improve 30% load capacity, service life can be prolonged once, save more than 30% purchase cost. It can reduce the purchase costs of machinery manufacturers by an astounding 30% and upgrades the present products. Our products are implemented by the Liugong Group, XCMG, HITACHI, the Zoomlion group, BAUERU, and others.